A Year of Innovation

Phase 1: Genesis and Conceptualization

Genesis of Ordiswap:

  • Establish the foundational architecture for Ordiswap, operating natively on Bitcoin's network.

  • Conceptualize and design the decentralized exchange protocol with a focus on security and scalability.

Research and Development Kickoff

  • Initiate in-depth research into off-chain balance states for Bitcoin and design an innovative decentralized exchange framework.

  • Explore and implement Bitcoin node integration for enhanced security and reliability.

Phase 2: Prototyping and Initial Development

Smart Contract Development

  • Begin the development of Ordiswap's smart contracts on Bitcoin's native layer.

  • Prototype the core functionalities, including BRC-20 token swaps and decentralized liquidity provision.

Node Integration Testing

  • Conduct extensive testing of Bitcoin node integration to ensure seamless operation within the Ordiswap framework.

  • Optimize and refine the off-chain balance states to enhance the efficiency of the decentralized exchange.

Phase 3: Initial Launch and User Onboarding

Ordiswap Alpha Release

  • Launch the alpha version of Ordiswap, allowing users to experience the decentralized exchange on Bitcoin's native layer.

  • Implement user-friendly interfaces for seamless onboarding and trading.

Community Testing and Feedback:

  • Engage the community in testing the alpha release to gather feedback and identify potential improvements.

  • Implement iterative updates based on user suggestions and technical enhancements.

Phase 4: Security Audits and Optimization

Security Audits:

  • Conduct thorough security audits of Ordiswap's smart contracts and overall architecture.

  • Collaborate with leading blockchain security firms to ensure the robustness of the decentralized exchange.

Optimization and Efficiency:

  • Optimize the Ordiswap platform for enhanced efficiency and responsiveness.

  • Address any identified vulnerabilities or areas for improvement to fortify the protocol.

Phase 5: Interoperability and Expansion

BRC-20 Integration:

  • Begin the development of the BRC-20 to EVM bridge to enable seamless asset transfer between Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.

  • Explore collaboration with multi-bit bridge providers for interoperability.

Ordiswap Launchpad for BRC-20 Tokens:

  • Introduce a launchpad within Ordiswap dedicated to BRC-20 tokens, expanding the platform's utility.

  • Foster the listing and trading of BRC-20 tokens natively on the Bitcoin network.

Phase 6: Continuous Enhancement and Global Reach

Innovative Features and User Governance:

  • Continuously introduce innovative features, trading pairs, and user-centric enhancements.

  • Implement a decentralized governance system for active community participation in protocol decisions.

Strategic Partnerships and Global Expansion:

  • Establish strategic partnerships with influential players in the blockchain and DeFi space.

  • Expand the global Ordiswap community through educational initiatives and collaborative ventures.

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