Ordiswap API: Bridging Bitcoin's Native Layer and BRC-20 Infrastructure

Ordiswap's API serves as a bridge, connecting Bitcoin's native layer and the BRC-20 infrastructure. It facilitates seamless communication between these distinct blockchain environments, enabling a unified and interoperable ecosystem.

Key Components:

Bitcoin Node Integration: Ordiswaps API interacts directly with Bitcoin nodes to gather real-time information on the state of the Bitcoin blockchain. This includes transaction data, block information, and details about Bitcoin-based assets.

curl -X GET https://api.ordiswap.fi/bitcoin-node/transactions

BRC-20 Token Operations: Through our API, users can perform operations related to BRC-20 tokens. This involves querying token balances, executing transfers, and interacting with the BRC-20 network.

curl -X GET https://api.ordiswap.fi/brc20/token-balance?token=ORDS

Off-chain AMM Logic: Ordiswap employs an off-chain mechanism for executing Automated Market Maker (AMM) logic. The API handles order execution, liquidity provision, and price determination off-chain, ensuring efficient and low-latency operations.

curl -X POST https://api.ordiswap.fi/amm/execute-order -d '{"pair": "BTC-ORDS", "amount": 10, "side": "BUY"}'

Cross-Blockchain Transactions: Ordiswaps API supports cross-blockchain transactions, allowing users to seamlessly transfer assets. This functionality enhances liquidity and expands the utility of assets.

curl -X POST https://api.ordiswap.fi/cross-chain/transfer -d '{"asset": "BTC", "amount": 1, "destination": "BRC20"}'

Security Considerations: To ensure the security and integrity of transactions, the API employs cryptographic methods, secure key management, and encrypted communication protocols.

Ordiswap's API acts as a foundational component, fostering interoperability between Bitcoin and BRC-20, providing users with a powerful and efficient toolset to navigate seamlessly across these blockchain landscapes.

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