Liquidity Provision

User Guide: Providing Liquidity and Pool Creation on Ordiswap with Unisat Wallet

Below is a detailed guide for a new user, using the Unisat Wallet to connect to Ordiswap, provide liquidity, and create a pool for ORDI and BTC.

Unisat Wallet Setup

  • Download and install the Unisat Wallet from the official website or app store.

  • Create a new wallet or import an existing one securely.

Connecting to Ordiswap

  • Open the Unisat Wallet and navigate to the DEX section.

  • Choose "Connect to Ordiswap" and select the Bitcoin network.

  • Authorize the connection using your wallet credentials.

Accessing Liquidity Pool Section

  • Once connected, navigate to the Liquidity or Pool section in the Unisat Wallet.

Providing Liquidity

  • Select the ORDI/BTC liquidity pool from the available options.

  • Enter the amount of ORDI and BTC you want to contribute to the pool.

Confirming Liquidity Provision

  • Review the details of your liquidity provision.

  • Confirm the transaction and sign it using your Unisat Wallet.

Pool Creation

  • If the selected pool doesn't exist, Ordiswap will guide you through the pool creation process.

  • Set parameters such as initial liquidity, fee structure, and any specific pool details.

Confirming and Broadcasting

  • Confirm the pool creation transaction and sign it with your Unisat Wallet.

  • The transaction is broadcasted to the Ordiswap protocol through your connected Bitcoin node.

Monitoring and Managing Liquidity

  • Track your liquidity position and pool details within the Unisat Wallet interface or Unisat explorer. This will also contain the address for the Master Address of a given created pool.

  • Explore additional features, including adjusting liquidity or viewing historical data.

Technical Overview:

  • The Unisat Wallet securely manages private keys and communicates with Ordiswap's smart contract through Bitcoin nodes.

  • Ordiswap's off-chain server ensures balance states, enabling efficient AMM functionality for liquidity provision.

  • The Unisat Wallet facilitates transaction data securely to Ordiswap, initiating liquidity provision through ordinals and BRC-20 standards.

  • Ordiswap leverages the constant product formula of Uniswap v2, ensuring efficient pool management and a fair fee structure.

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