REOS Token

Role of REOS Token in Ordiswap Ecosystem

The REOS token is a crucial component in the Ordiswap ecosystem, operating as an interoperable BRC-20 counterpart to $ORDS. This is essential in the context of Ordiswap's technology stack, as it allows seamless communication between different blockchain networks, fostering a dual-network reward environment for users.

Revolutionizing Reward Systems

$REOS, designed as a BRC-20 token, introduces innovation to reward systems within Ordiswap. This token serves as a direct revenue stream for $ORDS on the Ethereum network, emphasizing the interconnectedness of different blockchain networks. Through dual-network staking, $REOS enables users to earn rewards and accrue swap fees. $REOS is pivotal, especially when incentivizing liquidity providers for Bitcoin-native pairs such as REOS/BTC, ORDI/BTC, SATS/BTC and others, on Ordiswap's DEX.

Native Utility Proposition

$REOS serves as a core utility token, supporting liquidity providers, platform participants, and pool creation activity. Its operation solely on Layer-1 (L1) is crucial for maintaining the decentralized nature of Ordiswap, as it avoids centralization on external exchanges or bridging to other networks. This decision aligns with the security and decentralization goals of Ordiswap.

Fee Generation

The capped total supply of 1,000,000 $REOS tokens is a key design choice that impacts the security and economic model of Ordiswap. This finite supply contributes to the prevention of inflation, enhancing the token's role in seeding fees, (TVL), and value accrual inflows. The immutable relationship with $ORDS ensures that only $ORDS holders on Ethereum can participate in revenue and value accrual, reinforcing the exclusivity of Ordiswap's economic model.

Symbiotic Growth with Immutable Partnership

The dual partnership between $REOS and $ORDS exemplifies Ordiswap's commitment to a unique revenue and platform usage fee model. This extends benefits not only to token holders but also to Ethereum participants, creating a symbiotic relationship. The use of smart contracts on Ethereum ensures the immutability of this partnership with the implementation of veORDS, enhancing the security and reliability of the interconnected systems.

REOS Token – Breakdown

Token Name : Reward Basis Ordiswap Token

Token Ticker : REOS

Total Supply : 1,000,000

Bitcoin Address :

Stacks L2 Address :

REOS Tokenomics

Tokenomics Details:

  • DEX Liquidity: 100,000 REOS (10%)

  • ALEX Launch: 15,000 REOS (1.5%)

  • Treasury: 50,000 REOS (5%)

  • Single Staking: 50,000 REOS (5%)

  • $ORDS Stakers: 200,000 REOS (20%)

  • LP Rewards: 290,000 REOS (29%)

  • Team: 250,000 REOS (25%)

  • Partnerships: 45,000 REOS (4.5%)

Vesting Details:

  • DEX Liquidity:

    • Released at TGE: 100,000 REOS

  • ALEX Launch:

    • Released at TGE: 15,000 REOS

  • Treasury:

    • Released at TGE: 5,000 REOS

    • Monthly vesting over 24 months afterwards

  • Single Staking:

    • Released at TGE: 5,000 REOS

    • Monthly vesting over 24 months afterwards

  • $ORDS Stakers:

    • Released at TGE: 20,000 REOS

    • Monthly vesting over 24 months afterwards

  • LP Rewards:

    • Released at TGE: 29,000 REOS

    • Monthly vesting over 24 months afterwards

  • Team:

    • Released at TGE: 25,000 REOS

    • Monthly vesting over 24 months afterwards

  • Partnerships:

    • Released at TGE: 45,000 REOS

Total Circulating Supply of REOS at TGE is going to be 244,000 REOS (24.4% of the total supply).

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