ALEXLabs Partnership

Ordiswap is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with ALEXLabs, marking the beginning of an exciting collaboration for $REOS, the BRC-20 counterpart to $ORDS. This partnership is built on extensive discussions and calls, focusing on mutual growth, innovation, and the seamless integration of services.

Strategic Synergy for Wider Growth and Innovation

The strategic synergy between Ordiswap and ALEXLabs is poised to drive wider growth and innovation within the ecosystem. By combining our strengths, we aim to create a collaborative environment that fosters the development of cutting-edge solutions and advances the broader blockchain space.

Ordiswap's Future Use of ALEX's Oracle

Ordiswap is excited to leverage ALEX's oracle in the future (more about it here). This integration will enhance the reliability and accuracy of data on the Ordiswap platform, ensuring a seamless user experience and increased functionality.

Unanimous Approval: Launchpad and Voting

The $ALEX and $atALEX holders have spoken with a resounding 100% "Yes" vote, paving the way for the imminent launch of Ordiswap's $REOS token on the ALEX Multichain Launchpad. This emphatic approval underscores the strong community support for this strategic partnership.

The voting ran from December 31st, 2023, to January 3rd, 2024, and both links can be found below:

Dynamic AMA Recap: 3.2k+ Engaged Listeners

The AMA session between Ordiswap and ALEXLabs as part of the launchpad process, where we have gone into depth about Ordiswap's product offering, has already gathered 3.2k+ listeners. The overwhelming listener turnout reflects the community's eagerness to delve into the details of this groundbreaking collaboration.

$REOS Launch on ALEX

The launch of Ordiswap's BRC-20 token, $REOS, on ALEX's launchpad is imminent, promising an exciting chapter in the collaboration between Ordiswap and ALEXLabs. More information about the launch will be provided shortly; however, some key terms to note include:

  • Rewarding to $ALEX holders: extra 5% tokens on top of the IDO amount will be airdropped to $ALEX holders.

  • $REOS AMM Pool: extra 20% of $REOS tokens on top of the IDO amount will be paired into AMM Pools for 6 months

Charting the Path Forward: Ordiswap x ALEXLabs

As we navigate the road ahead, the partnership between Ordiswap and ALEXLabs signifies not just a collaboration but a journey towards innovation and growth. Stay tuned for more updates as we unlock unparalleled liquidity on Bitcoin's native layer, marking the dawn of a new era in the blockchain ecosystem.

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