Fee Structure

User Guide: Fee Structure on Ordiswap - Mirroring Uniswap v2 with Unique Bitcoin Benefits

Ordiswap, the revolutionary decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Bitcoin's layer-1 with BRC-20 and ordinals, introduces a fee structure mirroring Uniswap v2. This guide outlines how users can receive swap fees at dynamic rates by creating pools and the unique benefits of Ordiswap's fee structure.

Fee Structure Configuration

  • Define the fee structure for your pool, choosing from the standard Uniswap v2 options (0.05%, 0.3%, or 1%).

  • Ordiswap automatically mirrors the chosen fee structure and implements it within the Bitcoin network.

Confirming and Broadcasting

  • Confirm the fee structure configuration transaction and sign it using your Unisat Wallet.

  • The transaction is broadcasted to the Ordiswap protocol through your connected Bitcoin node.

Swap Fee Collection

  • As a pool creator, you receive a share of the swap fees generated by your pool.

  • Dynamic fee rates ensure competitive returns, attracting liquidity providers to your pool.


  • Ordiswap leverages Bitcoin's native layer-1 for fee transactions, ensuring direct and secure fee transfers to the pool creator's Unisat Wallet.

  • Mirroring Uniswap v2's fee structure guarantees user familiarity while introducing Bitcoin-specific advantages.

  • Bitcoin's network architecture contributes to fee stability, avoiding congestion-related issues experienced on other blockchain networks.

  • Dynamic fee rates enhance competitiveness, encouraging more liquidity providers to join and improve overall pool depth.

Unique Benefits:

  • Ordiswap's fee structure is the first to integrate with Bitcoin's native layer, providing unparalleled security and efficiency.

  • Pool creators receive swap fees directly to their Unisat Wallet, promoting user control and custody.

  • Ordiswap mirroring Uniswap v2's proven fee structure ensures a seamless transition for users while enjoying the advantages of Bitcoin's network.

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