Token Indexing & Retrieval


Ordiswap's indexer is configured with retry and rate-limiting capabilities. This is crucial for handling potential network issues and preventing abuse of the API by limiting the number of requests per second.

Token Information Retrieval:

Ordiswap defines functions to retrieve information about tokens from the blockchain indexer.

getToken: Retrieves detailed information about a specific token using its ticker.

getTokenList: Retrieves a list of all tokens, converting tickers to uppercase for consistency.

getTokenTickerList: Retrieves a list of token tickers.

getBtcBalance: Retrieves the Bitcoin balance for a given address.

Token Balance Retrieval:

Functions to get token balances for a specific token and address.

getTokenBalance: Retrieves the balance of a specific token for a given address.

getTokenBalanceList: Retrieves a list of token balances for all tokens associated with a specific address.

Token Information and Indexing:

getTokenInfo: Retrieves detailed information about a token, including ticker, maximum supply, limit, and decimal points.

brc20_index: Initiates a continuous process to index new tokens. It queries the blockchain indexer for a list of tokens, checks if each token is already in the collection, fetches detailed information, and inserts new tokens into the collection.

Error Handling:

Ordiswap includes error handling for HTTP requests. If an error occurs, it logs the error and sets an indexerError flag. Ordiswap checks for a specific error code (-2005) to identify indexer-related issues.

Configuration and Global Variables:

Ordiswap uses configuration variables like INDEXER_URL, INDEXER_API_KEY, and FIND_OPTIONS. These likely represent the endpoint URL for the blockchain indexer, API key for authorization, and find options for DB queries.

System Flow:

Token Retrieval:

Users can retrieve detailed information about individual tokens, lists of tokens, and token tickers.

Balance Retrieval:

Users can obtain token balances for a specific token or a list of balances for all tokens associated with a given address.

Token Indexing:

The continuous process (brc20_index) fetches the list of tokens from the blockchain indexer, checks and inserts new tokens into the collection, and maintains an error flag (indexerError).

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